Finding Something Good

A few days ago, my Pawpaw passed away, and it made me think: how is there any good in this situation? That’s how I’m beginning to look at every situation. People say there’s something good in everything, but does that include death? 

James Richard Cashion, my Pawpaw, was an 84 year old man living with one lung, and in that one lung had COPD. Daily life for him was sitting in the same chair, occasionally getting up to use the bathroom. A devout Christian man, some Sundays he’d have enough energy to go to church. 

His health had declined within the last two weeks; everything had to be done for him. 

He hated every second of it. 

My Pawpaw called himself a vegetable and would often ask God why he hadn’t taken him yet. 

You see, my Pawpaw realized he had lived a blessed life here on Earth and wanted to be with Jesus; however his family wanted to keep him here. Now that he’s gone, it gives me peace knowing that HE was ready to go. He died in his sleep at home, surrounded by his family. I was there, and it was so peaceful. The good in this situation is that he is no longer suffering. He died the way he always said he wanted to, and he knew he was loved beyond measure. There IS good in this situation; the good just doesn’t benefit me. It benefits my Pawpaw, and I can live with that. 

Losing someone is never easy. Having a lot of grief simply means you had a lot of love. Keep loving, and if someone passes on, try to think of the good. After all, the people who claim there’s good in every thing are right. 

As my family and I prepare to lay my sweet Pawpaw to rest today, I’m trying to remember the good times. All good things must come to an end, but I will cherish the memories forever. 

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