Why You Should Visit Orange Beach, AL

Summer is the best time to take a vacation and relax from all of the stresses caused by every day life. A beach is the perfect place to unwind and forget most of your responsibilities. I recently took a trip to Orange Beach in southern Alabama and  now feel compelled to inform you on why it is where you should spend your next vacation! This wasn’t my first time in OBA (an acronym most people use for Orange Beach). In fact, I’ll go about three times this summer, so I want to share what keeps my family and I coming back!

The Beach

Okay, this is obvious, but the beaches in lower Alabama are absolutely beautiful. The sand is soft, and crab hunting is perfect at night! Orange Beach also has a new campaign, “Leave Only Footprints.” They take pride in keeping their beaches clean, which is something I support.

The Family-Friendly Vibe

Some beaches along the Gulf can get pretty rowdy during the summer months, but Orange Beach is a family oriented community. There are countless mini golf, go cart tracks, and arcades! A massive theme park is being built about 15 minutes away and should be finished by the end of this summer. You’ll get the beach and a fun park in one awesome vacation!

The Food

I’ve been to some amazing restaurants in Orange Beach. If you’re looking for a steak, the best one I’ve ever eaten is the Butterboy at the Shipp’s Harbour Grill! You must go to Lulu’s once, especially if you have kids, and Doc’s is a local favorite! There is something for everyone!


Butterboy at Shipp’s Harbour Grill

The Shopping

Shopping is a great way to relax, and Orange Beach offers many options1The Wharf in Orange Beach has many boutique shops to choose from with brands ranging from Salt Life to Lauren James. Even better, there is a Tanger Outlet mall in Foley, AL, 20 minutes from OBA! Tanger is a huge outdoor mall with stores from TJ Maxx to Michael Kors. You’ll definitely get a great shopping experience!

I hope I have helped you choose your next vacation destination. Orange Beach definitely won’t disappoint.

Let me know where you will be vacationing this summer in the comments.

Stay positive.

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