Apartment Basics On a Budget

I’m starting college in a few weeks, and it’s time to start decorating my first apartment! As we all know, college is not cheap. Shopping for décor is fun, but we must get the basics covered first! Saving on the essentials will give you more to spend on tons of cute décor. This post will focus on bed and bath products I believe are important to purchase when moving in to a new apartment!

For the longest time, Amazon.com and Target have been my go to for just about everything. Throughout this post, there will be affiliate links, which means that if you purchase one of these items, I will receive commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions are my own, and I appreciate your support!

Most products referenced come in so many different styles and colors, but for this post, I am going to be referencing what I chose for my apartment. Yes, I realize it will be a lot of grey and white, but plain colors are just what I’m into right now!


I love a sleek grey and white bedroom! My style is very clean and simple, so I’ve chosen a plain white down comforter and grey patterned sheets!

Picking out the perfect throw pillows was the hardest decision I’ve had to make, but I am obsessed with this extra fluffy pillow paired with this grey one.

If there is one thing I suggest splurging on, it’s a good mattress cover. Because I will be sleeping on a used mattress, I HAD to pick one that was bed-bug proof! This one by Linenspa will fit my bed, is only $27.99, and lets me sleep happily staying away from bed bugs.

Target has the cutest home section. They have definitely stepped it up these past few years! This is where I got my super cute laundry basket and essential hangers.

Total: $106.17

All of these bedroom basics are only $106.17! Most comforter and sheet sets cost that much!


Strangely, the bathroom is my favorite thing to decorate! Sticking with the grey and white theme, I’ve chosen a grey shower curtain and bath mat.

My bathroom is mostly white, so they grey will add a touch of color. For something other than grey and white, I’ve added this tan wicker waste basket to give it that Joanna Gaines (I wish) feel!

White towels just sound like a bad idea, so I chose….grey! I was actually given some for Christmas this past year, so that’s one thing I could check off my list. Amazon has a ton of towels on their site, but these seem like a great affordable option. You get a set of 8 towels in various sizes for $23.79!

Total: $66.56

There you go! All of your bathroom basics for $66.56!

This list give you a great foundation for a few essentials you’ll need to start living in your new apartment! For more décor, I suggest visiting Amazon.com or Target! They have such cute stuff at great prices.

The overall total for these basic needs is only $172.73. Proof that you can get all of these apartment essentials for under $200!

I plan on posting a full apartment décor post after I move in, so stay tuned for that! Please feel free to contact me with what posts you’d like to see next, and tell me in the comments where you love to shop for great items with low prices!

Stay positive.




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47 thoughts on “Apartment Basics On a Budget

  1. It can be so overwhelming to decorate your apartment on a budget, especially when you’re starting University. I think it’s important to set a space where you come home to and know you haven’t broken the bank to decorate it. Love the articles you’ve picked, and bedding is super important. Back in my uni days, I didn’t even know they had bed bug proof mattress covers! Can’t wait to see what your apartment looks like!

  2. Cute post! I also love a good white and black color palette, so this is right up my alley. I love your choices for the bedroom and bathroom and it is great to see the price points are so affordable!

  3. Cute items you found! We definitely hit up Target when our daughter was heading off to University. Found the cutest bright turquoise and pink dishes that she loves! Sad that it closed up shop here, miss that store for the good deals and different items that we don’t have here in other stores.

  4. I remember trying to furnish my college apartment on a budget. I got so many things from furniture, pots and pans, and decorations from family members. Everything was used but still in good condition. And I supplemented that with things from Ikea. It’s true you don’t have to spend a ton to furnish a place if you do it smartly. Good for you trying to keep costs down.

  5. This is great, you can totally find everything at Target nowadays! I also love Ikea personally for a lot of this stuff they have amazing summer sales

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