5 Podcasts for College Women

A few months ago, I was looking for ways to grow my knowledge of current events and ways to better myself. I was so excited to discover the perfect solution: podcasts! Until a few months ago, I thought podcasts were just that app you always deleted from your phone to have more storage; however, I now realize they are a great tool for people to learn and grow.

There are so many different types of podcasts, and they all vary in length. My favorite categories are health, business, and news! Every college woman should introduce herself to podcasts because college is the perfect time to grow and formulate your own opinions!

You can listen to podcasts anywhere. I typically listen while I commute, clean, work out, shower, and pretty much any other time I want to be listening to something. Here are a few podcasts that would be perfect for college women.

The Goal Digger Podcast – Marketing, Social Media, Creative Entrepreneurship, Small Business Strategy and Branding

This is one of the newer podcasts I’ve started listening to, but I can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorites! Jenna Kutcher hosts this business podcast for girl bosses. After I listen, I always feel motivated to tackle my next project, whatever it may be!

Here’s a link to a list of her episodes!

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

I realize this title sounds very lame, BUT every college woman could use tips for her writing! These episodes are about 10-15 minutes, so you only have to geek out for a few minutes. It really is an insightful podcast I recommend to everyone, not only writers!

Find her latest episodes here!

The Chalene Show | Motivation | Leadership | Confidence | Family | Fitness and Life coaching with Chalene Johnson

I love The Chalene Show! Chalene Johnson hosts this health and lifestyle based podcast. She discusses everything from how GMOs harm our health to how to develop happy habits. She is very motivational and encouraging, and you can tell she knows her stuff.

Here’s the link to her most recent podcast.

Pantsuit Politics

A good political podcast is extremely hard to find. It seems that they all include arguments about today’s recent news; however, Pantsuit Politics is the exact opposite. Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers host this political podcast with plenty of nuance. They don’t shout or insult each other; they discuss current events with a nuanced perspective from both sides of the political spectrum.

Find their latest episodes here!

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

I have to say: this is my favorite podcast! Jamie Ivey hosts this interview based podcast every Wednesday. They talk about overcoming struggles, overflowing happiness, and everything in between. I love Jamie’s positivity and optimism, and all of the great books she recommends!

Download her latest episode here.

It was so hard to narrow down my favorite podcast list; however, these are the best ones for college women! They are all helpful, encouraging, and give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge.

Let me know your favorite podcasts in the comment section, and feel free to tell me what you want to see next!

Stay positive.

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25 thoughts on “5 Podcasts for College Women

  1. Great idea for a post Laura! Haven’t really gotten into the whole podcast listening thing yet, but it seems like there’s so many great ones out there. Perfect if you want to get a little wiser while commuting (like you do for example) of when you feel more like listening than reading.

  2. Ooh I love this!! I really want to get into listening to podcasts on my daily walks so this post is perfect and the goal digger podcast looks perfect!

  3. Great post! I just recently started listening to podcast! I listen to mine on Spotify on my laptop because of the storage problem on my phone. My favorite so far is Inner Hoe Uprising, it sounds bad but it’s really not it’s about empowering yourself.

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