Fall Favorites

Summer is winding down, and Fall is just around the corner! Fall is not my favorite season, but it is still a wonderful time of the year. Where I am from, leaves begin to change and fall from trees, temperatures drop, and flip flops are put away until next year! Fall is so photogenic and peaceful. This post will contain my Fall favorites! From comfy sweaters to the best candle scents, here are a few things that are a must-have this Fall!

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When I think of Fall, I think of pumpkin spice, warm vanilla, and fireside. These are also three of my most favorite candle scents! Candles always help me unwind and relax, and pumpkin spice is the most iconic Fall scent. My favorite candle brand, Woodwick, even crackles as it burns!


Sweaters are definitely a Fall essential. From going to work or class to lounging around at home, a sweater is super comfy! Chunky knit sweaters are so cute! I love this one from Charlotte Russe ; however, I couldn’t find it to link it in this post. Here’s a similar one from Amazon. Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, Francesca’s, and Old Navy are where I always find my favorite oversized sweaters.


I love blankets all year, but unlike me, most people don’t like to use blankets in the Summer! As the nights get colder, blankets can provide warmth and comfort (If you can’t tell, I’m all about being comfy). Everyone’s taste is different, so here’s a set of 2 extra fluffy blankets and initial throw. Curling up with a blanket while binge watching Netflix is the best way to relax!

Fall is such a great time of the year; everyone has their favorites, and these are just some of mine!

Comment some of your Fall favorites down below, and let me know what you’d like to see me post next!

Stay positive.

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26 thoughts on “Fall Favorites

  1. I think the best thing about fall are the candles. I love Yankee Candles the most but Bath and Body are definitely a close second. I always seem to have one burning. I also love big sweathers, the kind that hang low and you wear with leggings! so comfy…….

  2. I love bringing out all the cuddly, soft blankets for the fall. So lovely to cuddle under a fuzzy blanket with a good book and lots of candles going to bring in the fall scents like pumpkin and spice!

  3. I LOVE fall! It’s my favorite season of them all! It means pumpkins, hot chocolate… all the amazing colors everywhere and the best fashion season as well! <3 Bring it 😉

  4. Every season has its pros and cons. While I am sad that I may soon no longer be able to wear shorts and sip on some chilled beer in Milan, Italy I look forward to enjoy preparing spicy Indian tea in the winter.

  5. I love candles!! I already have spiced apple going in my home. Unfortunately, scarves and sweaters are always a maybe for me since I live in Miami. But I’m traveling to Boston in December and so excited for the coldddd!

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