6 Things You Should Know Before You Start A Blog

It has officially been a month since Set Free with LB launched! Starting a blog was something I always wanted to do, but I never had the courage to take the first step and get started. Now, I’m one month in, and I couldn’t be more excited about the future of this site!

Blogging is something I can definitely see myself doing for the next few years, and even though I enjoy it so much, there are a few things you have to do to get a blog up and running that I never thought about! Here are a few things you should know and consider before starting your own blog!

Photography is Important

This past Christmas,  I received a really nice camera from my boyfriend, Dallas! I knew that I wanted to start a blog soon and that photography was necessary; however, it’s far more important than I realized! A successful blog HAS to have pictures. Personally, I find it easier to take my own instead of getting them from a free site. Starting a blog has really made me work on my photography skills, and I am nowhere near a photographer! I do find the process of planning and editing my pictures to be one of my favorite parts of a blog post. Buying a brand new camera is not necessary for a blog, but if you’re looking for something to step up your game a bit, I love my entry level DSLR! Here’s a link to it on Amazon!

SEO = Search Engine Optimization

Before I started my blog, I had NO idea what SEO stood for! I’d seen bloggers talk about it in posts but had no clue where to begin. Turns out, SEO is extremely important for a successful blog. It determines where your blog shows up in google search results! I still don’t know as much as I’d like to, so my goal for September is learn more about SEO!

Traffic Takes Time

Especially if you’re a new blogger, good, steady traffic doesn’t come the minute you post your blog into the universe. Posting it on social media, telling your friends and family, and participating in Facebook groups are some great ways to get traffic! It may be a little scary to put your thoughts out for the world to see, but if you love writing and blogging, it’s worth it!

Many Ways to Monetize

If you’re looking to monetize your site, there are so many different options! I see so many bloggers make money from affiliate sales, ad sales, and sponsored posts! I persnonally use Google Adsense and Shareaholic for my ad revenue, and Amazon Affiliates and Shareasale for my affiliate marketing. It really depends on where you find the right fit for your blog. In most cases, traffic = money. Be aware that you may not make that much during your first few months of blogging! Honestly, just do what you love and the money will follow.

Blog Planning is Key

This is something I don’t do very well! I know I could be so much more efficient if I planned my blogs out and prewrote them in advance. My goal for September is to pick a day and write two blog posts. Planning and prewriting posts can save so much stress and time. Organization is very important, and planning ahead will help you keep your blog organized!

Pinterest Can Help

Since starting my blog, I’ve discovered that Pinterest is a great resource for bloggers! It’s a great way to get organic traffic to your site. I would recommend setting up a separate business account to get access to their analytics. Check out mine here!

There are quite a few things I didn’t know when I started my blog, and honestly, there are a ton of things I still don’t know! Blogging is something that grows and allows you to grow with it!

One month down, hopefully many more to go!

Stay positive.

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25 thoughts on “6 Things You Should Know Before You Start A Blog

  1. What a great list! My husband and I started a blog a little bit ago and I have been learning these things myself. Hmm I didn’t realize the Pinterest could be so helpful.for bloggers.

    Also, I didnt expect for it to be so difficult to get traffic but I will be patient. Thanks for the encouragement and for breaking things down into smaller, more manageable steps!

  2. I just started blogging, so this was really helpful to me. I definitely need to be planning more. Learning Pinterest has been a little overwhelming and it’s good to know that traffic takes time!

  3. This is all great! I would love to learn tips on SEO and monetization as you learn them. These are two things that are alien to me but I know so important for long term success in blogging.

  4. There is so much to learn and do when starting a blog, it can be overwhelming. I am looking to buy a camera and will check out your suggestion. The Canon Rebel definitely seems to be the go to for a lot of bloggers!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. Even though making money or getting traffic is not happening or seems to be slow we sometimes forget to take one step at a time. Lovely post.

  6. I love this post! I want to learn more about SEO and monetizing my blog! I still take pictures with my phone, I’m so bad at it lol i need more practice! Great post!! Good luck! I lnow your blog will keep doing great!!!

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