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Giving Yourself A Fresh Start

I’m baaaccckkkkkk! College life has been extra crazy these last two weeks, and I’ve barely been able to adjust. Homework and sorority recruitment (I’ll have a post alllll about my experience soon!) has made me incredibly stressed and neglecting things that are super important to me (like blogging), which is why I thought this would… Read More Giving Yourself A Fresh Start


Fall Favorites

Summer is winding down, and Fall is just around the corner! Fall is not my favorite season, but it is still a wonderful time of the year. Where I am from, leaves begin to change and fall from trees, temperatures drop, and flip flops are put away until next year! Fall is so photogenic and… Read More Fall Favorites


Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is here, and if you’re like me, the beach is the best place to go. I always love to see what people put in their beach bag, so I thought I’d share what I put in mine! My iPhone and Apple Watch are a given, but this list consists of some out-of-the box recommendations.… Read More Beach Bag Essentials


Adopt, Don’t Shop

Dallas and I adopted our first fur baby! I have been wanting to adopt a dog for YEARS. Why not do it right before I leave for college?! I knew having a dog in my new apartment would help me adjust to my new home. I knew I wanted to adopt. I wanted a small… Read More Adopt, Don’t Shop

High School

Open Letter to an Upcoming High School Freshman from a Second Semester Senior

To a current 8th grader, In a few short months, you will leave your comfortable middle school and become a freshman in high school. People say this all of the time, these next four years will fly by. When you finally realize how true this statement is, you’ll be in the position I’m in now,… Read More Open Letter to an Upcoming High School Freshman from a Second Semester Senior